Giving Back

At Gabriel's Closet, we are passionate about caring for moms, our community and our environment. Because of this passion, we are always looking for ways to give back by partnering with local organizations already doing great work. 

We pursue this passion in a variety of ways: 

1. Donations: Goods that are not able to be sold will be donated to excellent local organizations working to support women and families in need. In addition to working with local pastoral connections in the city of Chicago, two of our favorite places to give to are: 

  • Wings ReSale Shop in Niles is a donation-based non-profit that exists to break the cycle of domestic violence.
  • Share our Spare, a Chicago based non-profit with a mission to ensure every child in Chicago has the access to the basic essentials necessary to thrive in the first five years of life.  

2. Awareness Education: In the future, we will offer our space to invite community leaders to help us learn about how to support moms in need, as well as how to support one another through mental health resourcing for adults and teens. 

3. Sustainable Fashion: When we buy upcycled fashion, we reduce our carbon footprint. The more we choose to purchase upcycled fashion, the better we can care for the environment. Additionally, investing in sustainable fashion also directly contributes to combatting the cycle of sex trafficking and violence that is rampant against women in the fashion industry today. To learn about how sustainable fashion helps support women globally, check out A 101 Guide to Breaking Up With Fast Fashion from Dressember, an organization seeking to empower women worldwide.